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Introduction to Project Management

This workshop is designed to provide a basic understanding of how to manage all aspects of a project.   It is not intended to give individuals an in-depth knowledge of individual project management tools and software.   Content to include:-

  • Key characteristics of a project
  • How projects  should link to the organisation’s vision and objectives
  • Role of a  project manager
  • Key stages of a project – looking at each of these stages in turn
  • Possible  project tools to use
  • The  importance of regular monitoring and review
  • Managing  changes during the life of the project
  • The  importance of communication
  • The  availability of timely management information linked to the project
  • Debrief and evaluation on completion

This workshop contains an amount of trainer led input.  Where time permits group exercises or group discussion will be included.   Handouts will be provided




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