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Using Colour for Health and Wellbeing 10/11/11

Half day workshop – 09.30 start.  Finish at 12.30 or 13.00 depending on exercises

Scientists are beginning to recognise the important part that colour plays in our lives.  Certainly colour can be a very powerful aid to health.  This session helps you to understand why and how to maximise its benefit for your own health. 

 Content includes:-


  • How we see colour
  • Why it is important in our lives
  • Colours you are attracted to
  • Our body’s messages
  • How to keep yourself healthy
  • Rebalancing exercise using colour
  • How to protect yourself from negativity and energy drain
  • Question and answer session


This workshop will contain a small amount of theory linked to practical applications, individual exercises and group discussion. 

 * If there is time at the end of the workshop,  a colour visualisation exercise could be included for any delegates wishing to take part.



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