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Professional Training

Genesis will help your teams improve performance and productivity.

Specific areas for improvement include:

Helping people find the source of their powerlessness and encouraging them to work towards regaining personal power through a range of selective tools and techniques is what Genesis is all about. Innovative and stimulating techniques from Genesis give you the power to move on and out of a situation by tapping into your inner resources. It is not so much about classroom style theory, but learning about ourselves and how we react and adapt in real life situations.

Genesis offers training courses and additional services to meet the diverse range of training needs of local organisations.

Genesis offers a holistic approach to training: equipping people with the tools and techniques to enable them to take control of their work and personal lives.

Workshops offered by Genesis help to conquer some of the fear involved in managing people or taking on new roles that require new skills.

The Genesis approach is relaxed and practical in nature.

The emphasis is on understanding ourselves and how our style impacts on other people and situations. By strengthening our own beliefs and understanding how we behave and communicate, allows us to perform with greater confidence and skill. This, in turn, helps cut down feelings of stress and powerlessness, thereby promoting a greater sense of control on our work and personal lives.