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Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

There is a solution to every problem. However, some are more obvious than others. For those more elusive solutions, a greater degree of innovative and intuitive thinking is needed.
This course is highly participative and involves delegates experimenting with a variety of creative exercises and applying creative thinking to a real problem to find a solution.
This workshop is relevant for anyone who needs to resolve problems in the workplace, especially those who manage, supervise or lead others.


1 day

Course outline

  • Individual and group problem solving

    • Disney’s four character states

  • Accessing the right brain

    • Images rather than words
    • See problems holistically
    • Imagination
    • Unconscious thinking
    • Assessing your current mode of thinking

  • Developing problem solving skills

    • Three phases of joint problem solving
    • Using a joint problem solving approach
    • The essential attitudes

  • Feedback and Review

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