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Communication including Effective Meetings

Effective communication plays an important part in all our lives.  Often we struggle to clearly convey the message we are trying to communicate.  We will consider the following:-

  •  Ground rules for good
  • The audience and their needs
  • How people process
  • Methods of communication
  • Active listening/body


Meetings  can be viewed by many as one of the biggest timewasters, particularly if they  are poorly chaired.  In the workshop
session we will cover:-

  •  preparation
  • information provision
  • how to chair the meeting
  • when and how to close
  • recording the outcomes
  • follow up actions


This  workshop is designed as a basic guide to those needing to communicate clearly  in their job role or social activities.
It will help those who are beginning to chair meetings or have limited  experience of doing so.

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