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Negotiation Skills

Most managers spend much of their working time in contact with colleagues and other people over whom they have no authority. In these contacts, progress is made by discussion, argument and agreement. These discussions are, in essence, negotiations.


1 day

Who should attend?

Anyone wanting to develop their negotiation, influencing or persuasive skills.

What they will learn

This course is designed to look at the skills of influence, persuasion and communication to be able to negotiate more effectively.

Course outline

  • The Nature of Negotiation
  • The Importance of Influence
    • Personal relationships
    • Status differences
    • Connection with sources of organisational power
    • Expectations about outcomes

  • Persuasion
    • The importance of persuasive skills
    • Style
    • Talking and listening
    • Probing and questions
    • Reaching agreement
    • Body language

  • Stages in the Discussion Process
    • Exchanging initial views
    • Searching for common ground
    • Securing agreement
    • Implementing the agreement

  • Feedback and review

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