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Train the Trainer 1 day

In any organisation it is the people who make the difference. Effective training is the key to developing the right skills and competencies that the organisation needs to survive and grow.

This course is designed to help those with training responsibility to deliver effective training to meet the needs of the individual, team and organisation.


1 day

Delegates are asked to prepare a 10-minute training session prior to attending the workshop

What they will learn

  • To establish credibility, trust and confidence with delegates
  • Understand different learning styles and how to respond to them
  • To be able to handle difficult people with confidence

Course outline

  • Introduction

    • Objectives
    • Learning styles questionnaire and feedback

  • Understanding group behaviour

    • Creating the right environment
    • Stages of group development

  • How do people learn?

    • The learning cycle
    • Learning blocks and how to overcome them
    • Communication channels and how to use them

  • Facilitation methods and techniques

    • Introducing the session
    • What is in it for the delegates
    • Finding out what they know
    • Arousing interest
    • Showing the task
    • Checking understanding
    • Feedback
    • Handling difficult people

  • Practicing facilitation techniques training session

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