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Coping With Redundancy

Redundancy is hard to come to terms with and it seems to knock people off balance. This workshop explains why this is so and gives participants an opportunity to devise effective approaches to take stock of their lives and move themselves forward in a direction of their choosing.


1 day

Who should attend?

Anyone currently going through redundancy or having to make redundancies.

What they will learn

  • How redundancy affects self esteem
  • How to interpret the cycle of change that redundancy forces upon us
  • How to take stock of where they are
  • How to plan for the future

Course outline

  • Redundancy and Self Esteem
    • The effect on our feelings
    • Dealing with the rejection
    • Change and the need to learn
    • How can we influence this process?

  • Letting go of the Past
    • Words, thoughts and feelings
    • Managing the Neutral Zone
    • Listening and Understanding

  • Taking Stock
    • Realising what we actually want from work and personal lives
    • Analysing if this is feasible
    • Identifying actions to make this happen

  • Presenting Ourselves in the Wider Market
    • How to use our sense of personal power
    • How to build rapport
    • Using colour to stimulate our thoughts and actions

  • Feedback and review

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