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Introduction to Management

This workshop looks at the essential skills and attitudes that an individual new to management will need to master in order to achieve their objectives with and through the efforts of other people.


1 day

Who should attend?

The course is designed for those people new to management and a useful refresher for more experienced managers.

What they will learn

  • What management is and their management style
  • Their current strengths and areas for development
  • Different styles of leadership
  • Decision making and the impact of decisions

Course outline

  • What are the essentials of management?

    • What is management
    • Skills and attributes of the ideal manager
    • Continuous professional development

  • Leadership

    • What is leadership
    • What is your leadership style
    • Adapting to suit different occasions and for different people

  • Decision making

    • Considering different ways of managing behaviour
    • The impact of decisions when managing staff

Feedback and review

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