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Stress Management for Teams

Our lives are now faster than ever with more pressure to achieve. This workshop is designed to help participants to better understand, manage and prevent the effects of pressure, on their teams while allowing them to find and perform at their own optimum level.


1 day

Who should attend?

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors develop their ability to recognise and manage stress within their teams.

What they will learn

  • How to recognise symptoms of too much stress
  • How to identify sources of stress
  • The impact of organisational culture
  • How to support their staff who are suffering from the effects of too much stress

Course outline

  • Is It Stress Or Pressure?
  • Understand How Stress Manifests
    • Individual
    • Performance
    • Team

  • Recognize Your Own Stressors
  • Strategies for Managing Stress
    • Using thinking and behavioural skills and physical skills

  • Tools for Leaders
    • Source of stress in workplace
    • Impact of organisation culture/management style

  • Managing stress in the Team
    • Adjusting level pressure to reduce stress and enhance performance

  • Action Plan and Review

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