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Team Management Skills for Supervisors

Much of managing staff is to do with achieving results through the team we are responsible for. This workshop provides an insight into team roles and team dynamics and how these factors can be successfully managed to achieve the best results. It also gives ideas on how to build a more effective team through leading, influencing, motivating and coaching staff.


2 day

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for managers, team leaders and supervisors to help them understand their role in leading a successful team

What they will learn

  • Their roles and responsibilities within the team
  • Team dynamics
  • How to achieve results through people
  • Strategies for dealing with non-performing teams
  • Effective coaching techniques
  • The power of leadership

Course outline

  • The Role of the Team Leader in a Team
    • Your responsibilities
    • The expectations of your manager
    • The expectations of your team
    • Your management style

  • Achievement Through People
    • TWhat makes a good team
    • How does a team evolve
    • Defining teamwork
    • The Task and the Team

  • Team Roles
    • Your team as individuals
    • Your preferred team role
    • Working Together
    • The stages of team development

  • Non-performing Teams
    • Identifying the issues
    • Team dynamics
    • Effective communication
    • Assertive behaviour
    • Giving assertive instructions

  • Influencing and Motivating
    • Hierarchy of needs
    • Understanding the drivers
    • Individual expectations

  • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Performance Coaching
    • Identifying limiting beliefs
    • Coaching for maximum results
    • Different learning styles
    • Coaching techniques

  • Feedback and Review

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